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14 April 2013

If it doesn't quack like a duck, wrap it in a duck. Or don't.

A brief overview of the Clojure web stack

01 June 2011

Ring is the foundation of web programming in Clojure. It has a broad ecosystem of libraries that fullfil many different roles in the web stack. This article introduces the fundamental concepts of Ring as well as four major libraries, and explains common idioms to help you get started quickly.

Featured role-playing games articles

Night's Black Agents

29 June 2012

A review of vampire spy-thriller role-playing game Night's Black Agents by Kenneth Hite.

Bookhounds of London

09 June 2011

A review of Bookhounds of London, a campaign frame for Trail of Cthulhu by Kenneth Hite.

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03 November 2014

On features of enterprise software.