A Lazy Sequence


This is the fifth version of brehaut.net, now titled A Lazy Sequence. It is written in Typescript using a small grab-bag of libraries, but mostly a lot of custom craziness. Content is all stored in PostgreSQL. Version control with Mercurial.

Everything is set in a variable Source Serif Pro from Adobe, except for code which is in Source Code Pro from Adobe. I previously used Typekit, now Adobe Fonts, to license and host the fonts for this site. As of March 2019 I’ve opted to only use fonts that I can host on my own server; this should mean that there are no third party trackers when you visit.

Source code snippets are syntax highlighted using mangled versions of the Syntax Highlighter scripts from Alex Gorbatchev. I don’t recommend the project these days. A custom script manages loading the highlighter and it’s relevant language modes.

I was listening to a lot of Toby Arrives by the Koch Marshall Trio, and Currents, Constellations by The Nels Cline 4 while working the backend.

Laugh at the weird nonsense that existed here previously.