A Lazy Sequence


This is the fourth version of brehaut.net, now titled A Lazy Sequence. It is written in Clojure using leiningen, ring, compojure (previously moustache), enlive, clj-time, and clojure.java.jdbc. Content is all stored in PostgreSQL (previously CouchDB). I'm using Typekit to provide the webfonts for the site. Everything is set in Prenton (previously Proxima Nova) by BluHead Studio, except for code which is in Ubuntu Mono (previous Source Code Pro).

Butterick’s Practical Typography has proved an invaluable resource. Every time I change the style sheet I find myself applying another of his guidelines.

This site would be nothing without the critiques, comments and input of many people. Special thanks to Matt, Fraser, Jim, Greg, Steven, Stephen, Chris and Andrew.

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