A Lazy Sequence


Hello, my name is Andrew, and I am a software developer living in Hamilton, New Zealand.

My interests span the typical geek gamut: software development, the web, roleplaying games, sci-fi and fantasy books and comics, and music. I write about whatever catches my attention, whenever I feel like I have something to say.

I've worked in .Net in C# and F#, Python, and just a ton of JavaScript (and these days TypeScript), on systems ranging from fleet tracking and mapping, to financial systems, a wide variety of web sites, and currently client recordkeeping software for the health sector. I’m fascinated by computation, the various models and languages that have been devised to reason about it, and how these ideas can be incorporated in day-to-day software development.

I make occasional notes about the implementation details of A Lazy Sequence in the colophon.


If you have feedback about A Lazy Sequence I would love to hear from you. You can send me email at andrew@brehaut.net.

My open source projects are available on GitHub. Raising issues there is the best way to flag bug reports and feature requests.