A Lazy Sequence

Shadows over Filmland

Robin D. Laws, Kenneth Hite and Cthulhu is the trifecta for many RPG geeks. This large collection of scenarios for their Trail of Cthulhu RPG adds a twist of silver screen horror to Lovecraft’s mythos. Each scenario present draws from an iconic monster or director of classic horror; Frankenstein, Dracula, Zombies, Werewolves, Mummies are all present. All but one adventure is presented as independent although a number of them are designed to fit together into an episodic ‘Filmland’ campaign.

The different scenarios provide everything from action and survival to theatrics and psychological fear. If you expect a pure Mythos this book will disappoint however if you want that classic flavour you’ll find many options. As these scenarios cover a broad range of styles and themes they won’t all appeal to everyone. My picks for favorites are Doctor Gravedust, White Bokor, and The Final Reel. The Green Ape reads very linear to me, and The Black Chateau reminds me of a tacky AD&D scenario I ran when I was a kid.

In addition to the scenarios, there is a discussion of gothic horror tropes, techniques and how to integrate them into a mythos world view. Secondly there is a selection of stock footage that provides little clips of scenery, locations, characters and common interstitial material suitable for any filmland, gothic, or eastern european 20s/30s game.

15 October 2010