A Lazy Sequence

Gaming ambitions for 2020

After a couple of years of life being hectic, this year I want to put in a concerted effort to play more RPGs, and ideally more new-to-me (or nearly new) games.

Here’s my short list, roughly in order:

  • Burning Wheel Gold—I’ve tried four times to get a game going in the past. The new revision of Gold has got me excited to try again. Mouse Guard is one of the most successful games I’ve run, and the baroque story machine in this game is really appealing.
  • Fate Accelerated Edition—Not quite new, my regular group played a couple of sessions as a pickup game last year. I want to keep this in my arsenal for improvised, spur of the moment games.
  • Yellow King RPG—I’ve raced about this previously. It’s currently the most exciting take on Gumshoe, and I love the concept of the suggested campaign.
  • Zombie World—This literally just arrived in the mail today. I’ve not played a Powered by the Apocalypse game yet, and I’m interested to give it a try. This looks like a fun alternative to FAE for pickup games.

My outside shot is, if I can get a group to click for Burning Wheel, then I want to give my ultimate White Whale game, Burning Empires a solid try.

8 January 2020