A Lazy Sequence

Wizard’s tower floorplan

Inspired by the Kickstarter for the second edition of the Torchbearer RPG I have been drawing some maps and floor-plans for fantasy RPGs. Here’s a simple Wizard’s tower:

wizards tower (color)


The full size, high resolution, map is available in the monochrome ink and marker version, or a colorised version:

Scenario sketch

I don’t have a particular scenario in mind, but the following are some notes I made for myself as I planned out the drawing:

  • The tower is in the middle of a mire that till recently has been permanently shrouded in dense fog. The characters are now able to navigate the treacherous wetlands to make it to the tower.
  • The area around the tower is guarded by some kind of magic. Perhaps spirits bound to defend the tower.
  • Inside the first floor the wizard has some kind of arcane construct (homunculus, golem, etc) maintaining the building and projects. It won’t attack if ignored, but will defend the property if it observed engaging in thievery or damage.
  • The second floor has the wizard’s quarters. A chest in the bedroom containing some minor valuables. Notably, there is a shrine to a god of magic in the room with the ladder to the top floor. A shrewd player may try to gain a blessing or support to be forwarded about the situation upstairs or to resolve it.
  • The top floor has an active summoning circle. Within it is a demon that has been called and bound into place; it stands patiently in place. Outside is the wizard, lying dead on the floor. Why? The wizard’s corpse clutches a small and easily portable item of significant value and magical power—the major prize of this adventure. Simply taking it will cause the circle to break and the demon to be freed; the players will need to improvise a suitable solution here.
  • While bound by the circle, the demon acts personably, and keen to negotiate for its release.
  • Canny players will realise they can scale the tower and enter the top floor via the platform. They risk missing the shrine however.
  • The collection of magical tomes scattered around the building in shelves, desks, and on the floors contain a number of valuable works.
2 May 2020