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Downloadable macOS Typefaces

Apple licences a large number of typefaces for use on macOS (and it’s other operating systems). For some reason, on macOS they choose to not install all of these typefaces by default. I’ve listed some of my favorites below.

You can easily install these typefaces through the system Font Book app. Make sure you have the sidebar visible (the icon appears to the right of the three window control dots), and selected either All Fonts, or a suitable language (such as English). Select the Downloadabled in the filter toolbar above the font list. Any greyed-out typefaces is available but not installed. Selecting a typeface will cause a small download button to appear in the top right corner of the font tile.

Founders Grotesk

Founders Grotesk sample

First on this list is Founders Grotesk from Klim Type Foundry is a contemporary amalgamation of classic grotesks. On macOS it is available in three variants (display, text, and condensed) and a wide variety of weights and italics. This typeface has become my goto, and is a great alternative to a more typical grotesk choice. Compared to a more idiomatic grotesk, it feels a little wider. Additional variants, and a monospace version, are available direct from Klim.

Proxima Nova

Proxima Nova sample

Mark Simonson’s famous Proxima Nova stormed the web a decade ago, as it was available through Typekit (now Adobe Fonts), and bears a striking resembelance to Tobias Frere-Jones’ very zeitgeisty Gotham (famously used by the Obama campaign) from Hoefler & co.

Once again, macOS offers this typeface in a very wide range of weights and with italic.


Publico sample

Publico is a contempory serif typeface from Commercial Type. This will be familiar to readers of The Guardian, as it is derived from the font created for that paper. Available in both headline and text variants, with multiple weights and italics in macOS.

Domaine Display

Domaine (Display) sample

A second entry from Klim, Domaine ships in three weights, and italics on macOS. Unlike the other typefaces in this list it only ships in a display version, so (as is evident in the sample above), it’s not really suitable for use for laying out a lot of small body text. As with Founders Grotesk above, more weights, and variations—including a text version—are available direct from Klim if you need more.

7 November 2023