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Burning Wheel conflict action cards

I’ve made some conflict action cards for Burning Wheel Gold (revised), primarily for Roll20, but also available in a print resolution. You can get them below:

Duel of Wits Download (4.2MB) Download (67MB)
Range & Cover Download (3.0MB) Download (49MB)
Fight Download (9.7MB) Download (154MB)

My goals with this was not to summarise the rules (see below if thats your thing), but to produce clear cards that can be read quickly. The groupings should match what you see on the scripting sheets. Some options (notably Sing, Howl, Pray) have been split into multiple cards for clarity.

Derivative works

These resources are made available under Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. You can modify and remix these as much as you like.

If you have the Acorn image editor for macOS, you can also download the source files.

Other implementations

I’m far from the first person to think of this idea. Here are some other implementations if mine aren’t to your liking:

14 January 2020