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Mouse Guard RPG 2nd edition coming

Mouse Guard RPG 2e Box Art by David Petersen.
Used with permission.

Luke Crane:

Tonight, I delivered the Mouse Guard second edition rulebook file to Archaia. David and I have been at work on the second edition for the last six months. We've been gently tweaking rules and reediting the book, both in the text and art. It's been my pleasure to have David involved at every step of the process. A few weeks ago he was here in NYC and sat with me as we recreated all of the patrols using the revised recruitment rules. It's been great to work so closely with him.

I am a big fan of the first edition of the Mouse Guard RPG. The game – both in hardcover, and the amazing boxed set – has been out of print now for a few years. It is excited that both formats are being reprinted.

It will be great to once again being able to recommend this game to people new to tabletop RPGs. From Luke Crane’s post it sounds like the already streamlined rules have been given a light shake up with lessons learned in Torchbearer (a game descended from the Mouse Guard RPG) being folded back into this new edition. Keep an eye out for this online or in your local game and/or comic shop.

David Petersen has written some articles detailing the process behind the new art for the the rulebook cover, and the boxed set (seen above). The new rulebook cover is especially evocative both of Mouse Guard, but also classic RPG books. Worth checking out if you are interested in art or comics.

31 July 2014