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Caffeine and coffee

A couple of weeks ago I decided to cut back my coffee / caffeine intake. More recently i was having a discussion about it with a friend from Timaru is a skilled barista, and he mentioned some relative levels of caffeine in coffee beverages. Presented here is some (internet) numbers associated with it.

These numbers assume an average cup size (around 8oz)

MethodCaffeine content (mg)
Brewed (e.g. Plunger)80–135
Espresso (2oz shot)100
Evil (Instant)65–100

I was drinking up to two espresso and one filter coffee a day, which put me at around 300–400 mg a day — oops.

Some random (internet) facts

  • Robusta beans (typically used in instant) contains 40-50% more caffeine than Arabica.
  • Caffeine is the source of the bitterness in coffee.
  • An excess of 5000 mg of caffeine is fatal, and is equivalent to around 40 strong cups of coffee in a short space of time.
  • The upper limit for daily caffeine consumption is around 400 mg. You can get that in one drink with Starbuck's stupidly large cups.
  • Dave Shea mentions in his home roasting guide that darker roasts have less caffeine.
  • I read somewhere (but can't seem to find the source) that milk inhibits the intake of caffeine.


(Possibly dubious sources)

20 August 2006