A Lazy Sequence

Projects in need of homes

Over the years I’ve released the occasional piece of code into the wild as open source. My life is much busier than when I wrote these projects and with that I’ve had to make some decisions about which projects I’m willing to keep maintaining, and which need to either just fade away, or be picked up by someone else. Basically I’m still maintaining Manticore sporadically, and everything else is in the wind.

color.js is lightly popular JavaScript library. It’s been stable for a long time. At this point maintainer-ship largely consists of the occasional feature request for a new operation, or merging a pull request. I’m surprisingly happy with the code considering its pushing up against 10 years old, and the meta-programming involved. If I had my druthers, I would rename a lot of the transformational methods.

necessary-evil is the Clojure implementation of the XML-RPC protocol ontop of the Ring http infrastructure. As XML-RPC is mostly a relic of a past age of the web the maintenance load on this is really quite low — it basically amounts to keeping up to date with Clojure and Ring releases — and were I still in Clojure on a day to day basis I would have kept this one up.

If you are interested in taking over one of these projects drop me an email or tweet.

18 April 2018