A Lazy Sequence

Articles about functional programming

Modeling union types using only functions

The lambda calculus is the basis for functional programming. Church's encodings in the untyped lambda calculus show an interesting pattern that parallels union types in languages like Haskell. Here I try to show how these discriminated union types can be implemented using only javascript functions.

11 June 2013

Templates are functions

An article that looks at templates in web development in the context of pure functions and functional programming.

21 October 2012

Monads: redux

Thoughts on the appropriateness of monads in Clojure.

14 February 2010

Ghosts in the machine

Following on from looking at state monads in the context of Clojure, this article looks at variations that add different forms of state-m of non-determinism.

11 February 2010

Welcome to the machine

A close look at how the state monad is implemented and used in Clojure.

09 February 2010