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Project templates

Leveraging Leiningen templates for great starting out experiences.

6 January 2013


Configuration middleware

This article looks at how Ring middleware and dynamic binding presents a powerful tool for controlling configuration in Clojure web apps.

20 January 2012


Parsers generating parsers

Following my introduction to fnparse, this article looks at how more common functional programming tools can be leveraged to make parsers that output new parsers.

7 February 2011

Start parsing in Clojure: fnparse

Parser combinators are a powerful way of expressing complex parsers as first class operations in a language with first class functions. This tutorial introduces one such library, fnparse, for Clojure.

7 February 2011


Monads: redux

Thoughts on the appropriateness of monads in Clojure.

15 February 2010

Ghosts in the machine

Following on from looking at state monads in the context of Clojure, this article looks at variations that add different forms of state-m of non-determinism.

12 February 2010

On iteration

How Python's view of iteration lead me to Clojure.

5 February 2010