A Lazy Sequence

The end of the Loudness War

03 July 2014


Hugh Robjohns, Sound on Sound:

In a surprising announcement made at last Autumn\'s AES convention in New York, the well-known American mastering engineer Bob Katz declared in a press release that “The loudness wars are over.”…

…this is about loudness as perceived by human beings, and not simply level. In other words, the ITU-R Loudness Meter algorithm is essentially an electronic ear that perceives audio loudness in much the same way as the average human listener, and it has proved to be very accurate and very reliable. The primary intention behind its development was to enable broadcast automation systems to measure the perceived loudness of supplied programmes and adverts before they were broadcast, so that their loudness levels could be matched in a similar way to that achieved by those trained continuity operators 30 years ago.