A Lazy Sequence

Bookmarks for 2008

Why I like pip

James Bennett (Djangos release manager) on why he likes pip over easy_install and setuptools


15 December 2008

mad xzibs

The most amazing mad xzib ever. Even better than this one. Via Angus


13 December 2008

Clojure Concurrency [video]

Rich Hickey (creator of clojure) talks about how concurrency works in clojure with a worked example.


07 December 2008

PowerPoint is evil

Edward Tufte on powerpoint. Old but good.


02 December 2008

Guido van Rossum: Scala?

The creator of Python's impressions of Scala, with a interesting comments thread


22 November 2008

Captalist cat

Awesome. Via Greg


19 November 2008

App settings

Brian Rosner on settings for reusable apps in django


09 November 2008

A Turing machine in Conway's Game of Life

Seriously one of the geekiest things I have seen in weeks; A turing machine imlpemented solely in the rules Game of Life. Via C2


07 November 2008

Laynes law

Layne's Law of debates.


07 November 2008

Common Haskell idioms

A list of wikipages about common programming idioms in Haskell.


04 November 2008

AuditTrail for Django

A Django ModelField to support tracking the history of a model instance. Via Matt


30 October 2008

Horror & hope

Ryan Macklin talks about the horror genre and the relationship hope and fear have for creating a horror situation. [Edited since yesterday to point to the tag for the series, not just the first post]


29 October 2008

Building NPCs

Some great notes from Evil Hat's Rob Donoghue on creating interesting NPCs


28 October 2008

Emergent behaviours in Burning Empires

"Emergent Behaviours is the home of the compiled wisdom of the Burning Empires community. It's for those little nuggets of advice that the Burning Wheel HQ couldn't squeeze into the book and the discoveries about the game that could only be made after it had been released into the wild."


23 October 2008

Learn You a Haskell for Great Good!

A nicely typeset, slightly odd, tutorial to Haskell. Possibly not as comprehensive as Real World Haskell but better looking


18 October 2008

One Bad Egg

The guys from Evil Hat, and Blue Devil Games have launched their new project 'One Bad Egg' to do D&D 4e stuff.


01 October 2008


An app to make maintaining a robots.txt easy from django


28 September 2008

When ajax attacks!

Slides for Simon Willison's web application security presentation


23 September 2008

Information cascades

Article about the process of information and analysis flow through a community


21 September 2008

Django snippets: MarkdownTextField

A Model Field for django that automatically caches the markdown'd version and stores the raw text as well. Via Matt


12 September 2008

Spore stage critical breakdown

A blogger for MTV and Will Wright do stage by stage breakdowns of the gameplay for Spore


10 September 2008

Kenneth Hite: Cthulhu and westerns

Kenneth Hite (Whose name I have apparently been misspelling for months :S Fixed now I hope) contrasts HPLs Mythos to The Gun in Westerns.


09 September 2008

Critical shift

Rob Donoghue's notes on using a 2d10 dice system for d20 games to shift from a uniform distribution to a rough curve. Specifically looking at how to make criticals work


08 September 2008

Announcing dmigrations

Simon Willison releases dmigrations, a tool for doing database migrations for django.


03 September 2008

Unseen Masters by Bruce Ballon

A Call of Cthulhu scenario by Dr Bruce Ballon. The first piece of horror fiction or RPG book to ever receive an award from the World Health Organization. The scenarios all center around mental health and addiction. Via Paul of Cthulhu


03 September 2008

Google on Google Chrome - comic book

Everyone is linking to this. A comic (by Scott McCloud) about google's browser project. Despite being called 'chrome' its most about technology. Via every second person on twitter.


01 September 2008

The rise and fall of Full Throttle

History about LucasArts Apocalyptic Motercycle adventure game 'Full Throttle'. Via John Siracusa


29 August 2008


A JQuery based script to create parallax viewports that shift with the mouse position. Via Patrick Thomson


28 August 2008

Fantastic Contraption

A flash based physics puzzle game. Starts of ok, but gets fiendish. The aim is to build a contraption from simple cpmponents to get a block from the starting area to the goal area. Via a million people.


27 August 2008

Trail of Cthulhu resources

Pelgrane Press's resource page for Trail of Cthulhu. Includes adventure conversions, character sheets, templates with fonts ('Covington') and other bits and pieces


25 August 2008

Mutant City Blues

Robin D Laws' game of police procedural investigations with superpowered mutants. Based on his GUMSHOE system.


21 August 2008

Tiny art director

Awesome Blog. Some guy drawing things for his very small daughter who apparently doesnt approve many of them. Via Rob Donoghue


21 August 2008

Christchurch Modern

It would be remiss of me to not link to Mr Kelleher's exploration of modern architecture in Christchurch


20 August 2008

Geologic time scale

Accurately burn your friends for old links with this handy reference


18 August 2008


Setting up an external svn repo to be part of a project


17 August 2008

Pulp Gamer interviews Kenneth Hite

Podcast interview with Kenneth Hite - Author of many gaming products, Lovecraft stuff, a children's book and more.


12 August 2008

Mouse Guard RPG interview and preview

An interview with Luke Crane of Burning Wheel and David Petersen of the Mouse Guard comic about the upcoming Mouse Guard RPG.


11 August 2008

The Shadow of Yesterday

Clinton R Nixon's much praised indie RPG available as a creative commons wiki.


07 August 2008

All about monads

Massive and detailed documentation for Monads in Haskell


24 July 2008

IEPNGFix v2.0 alpha 1

Angus has released the first beta of his rewritten hack for PNG support in Internet Explorer 6+


15 July 2008

Real World Haskell

A book, available for free online, about programming Haskell with a real world rather than theoretical or mathsy focus.


13 July 2008

django-chunks application

Clint Ecker's little app for making editable chunks of content to be dropped into a template


06 July 2008

Mike Mearls - Wizards Community Blog

Mike Mearls Wizards of the Coast 'official' blog. Interesting stuff about his Temple of Elemental Evil campaign


01 July 2008

Passive view

Martin Fowler discusses a 'Passive View' MVC architecture


18 June 2008

The password anti-pattern

Article about phishing and a recent anti pattern in websites to ask for a users gmail etc password and its repercussions


17 June 2008

Practical (RPG) conflict resolution advice

Vincent Baker (of Dogs in the Vineyard fame) suggests some guidelines for stake setting and conflict resolution in non-narrativist games


09 June 2008


Morphisms in category theory.


28 May 2008


Steve Yegge's JavaScript mode for emacs


26 May 2008

Star Wars Saga Edition errata

Errata for the latest version of the Star Wars RPG. Of particular interest are the notes on designing an encounter


24 May 2008

John Wick's game design seminars

John Wick (Legend of the Five Rings, 7th Sea, House of the Blooded) talks about designing and developing role-playing games


24 May 2008

Nu title case

Title Case reimplemented in Nu


22 May 2008

Debugging Django

Simon Willison talks about tips for debugging django sites


22 May 2008


A port of John Gruber's titlecase perl script to python


21 May 2008

Spirit of Sharn: Eberron with FATE

Actual Play thread by Storn Cook of the Sons of Kryos. A game of Spirit of the Century set in the D&D setting Eberron


15 May 2008

Emacs web-dev environment

Instructions for setting up an (X)HTML editing environment for Emacs suitable for Web Developers.


14 May 2008

Django snippets: SQL printing middleware

Middleware which prints out a list of all SQL queries done for each view that is processed. This is only useful for debugging.


13 May 2008

emacs blank-mode.el

A mode to display the invisible characters in a text document (tab, space, new line etc)


07 May 2008

The Python profilers

Python documentation on the standard profiling tools


01 May 2008

Profiling Django

More notes on profiling django


01 May 2008

A guide to threading on Leopard

Cocoa Samurai (Colin Wheeler) provides a broad coverage of concurrency tools in Mac OS X Leopard.


28 April 2008

Statistics driven name generator

Generates 4 names per page. 2 male, 2 female. For each there is a statistically likely one and a wacky one. (via Robin Laws)


25 April 2008

Memcached Internals

Notes on the internals of memcached and some best practises to consider


22 April 2008

Emanate - A Greg Brown band

Worship band based in Christchurch NZ. Debut EP, Awake My Soul, is set for release in 2008. Greg plays guitar.


22 April 2008

Twisted interface to Erlang OTP in Launchpad

Twotp is an implementation of the Erlang node protocol written in Python using the Twisted networking engine. It makes possible to run an Erlang node in Python, like the Jinterface library of Erlang allows to do in Java. You can then call methods on an Erlang node or receive method calls.


17 April 2008

Three small Javascript libraries

Oliver Steele presents three little Javascript libraries that provide a lot of power. Worth a look just for picking up ideas at least


16 April 2008

Mars Volta ticket sales

Information and ticket sales for the Mars Volta show on June 26, 08


16 April 2008

Alligator Eggs! A game

Well, its sort of a game. Its also a representation of lambda calculus. To describe this as anything other than madness or awesome does it a sever disservice. (via Steven)


15 April 2008

Hedgerows wales

Wallpaper from national geographic


14 April 2008

Recent changes feed

The new Recent Changes feed for this site. Aggregates all the changes across various sections.


14 April 2008

Django: under the hood

Slides from a talk about django's current and future internals


13 April 2008

Tim Smith's MySpace

Sorry about the MySpace. Drum and Bass stuff to check out.


11 April 2008

Narcoleptic cat

I have watched this too many times. Poor Boone :(


09 April 2008

Batteries sold separately

Discussion of Googles App Engine as a python and django platform. Lots of python is missing.


09 April 2008

The thing about Git

Ryan Tomayko talks about how GIT solves some VCS problems, with side notes about other systems such as SVN and BZR


08 April 2008

Fantastic dice bag

Evil Hat's Rob Donoghue raves about a nail bag that is great for dice


08 April 2008

Documentation for processing-0.50

A library to aid in the development of multiprocess programs in python. Implements the same API as threading does for threads and adds some more tools


02 April 2008

Programming fonts

Keith Devens list of programmer fonts


01 April 2008


Given a list of text files in a similar format, templatemaker creates a template that can extract data from files in that same format.


01 April 2008

Haskell Database.HDBC

Straight forward SQL DB abstraction layer for Haskell


28 March 2008

HaskellDB introduction

Introduces the HaskellDB API which provides a monadic DSL for relational database interaction backed onto two different general haskell DB APIs (HDBC or HSQL) – apparently unmaintained


28 March 2008

Fate RPG

Evil Hat's FATE RPG, including the Spirit of the Century SRD (free pdfs)


27 March 2008

django-tagging application

Tagging support for django models, including form fields, template tags and a pile of helpful support functions


26 March 2008

Bridges and beyond

Tim Burks at C4. Discusses software development, industrialization, Objective-C as a component tool, ruby as a glue language for Cocoa, and introduces his language Nu


25 March 2008

Evil Hat interview

The Independent Insurgency interviews Rob Donoghue and Fred Hicks from Evil Hate games about FATE, Spirit of the Century and whole heap of other stuff


25 March 2008