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Dexie is a very thin layer on top of the IndexedDB API. The primary advantage of Dexie is that, unlike the IndexedDB API, its not completely awful.


27 May 2016

Dracula Dossier Motifs

Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan for Pelgrane Press’s See Page XX:

Improvising telling but subtle details on the fly is tricky, especially if the players catch you off-guard. They’ve suddenly flown to Iceland to follow a lead you hadn’t prepared, and now you’re scrambling not only to get back ahead of the Agents, but also get a handle on where the overall campaign is now going. With all that to think about, atmosphere and description suffer, and your NPCs become bland stick figures who meet the PCs in, I dunno, an office or somewhere.

Using motifs – ideas that recur in different forms throughout the campaign – can help with this.…


08 January 2016

Design machines

Travis Gertz looks at the design process on the web, the mechanical and repetitive way modern sites are designed, and contrasts it with older models of design.

Design systems still feel like a novelty in screen-based design. We nerd out over grid systems and modular scales and obsess over style guides and pattern libraries. We’re pretty good at using them to build repeatable components and site-wide standards, but that’s sort of where it ends.

Look familiar? Wireframes and prototypes are used for designing magazines too—but there’s an important difference. Unlike the web, editorial systems are designed for variation, not prescription. They are a starting point, not a final deliverable.

The wireframe boxes are flexible enough to accommodate variation. There’s no labelling. No prescriptive text. No explicit details. There’s room for interpretation in each section of the layout.

His contrast between bespoke designed sites and SquareSpace is great, and more than a little damning.


25 October 2015

How to make a box joint

Video demonstration of how to set up a jig to cut box joints.


21 October 2015

Mozilla continue to phase out support for SHA-1 certificates in Firefox

In Firefox 43 we plan to show an overridable “Untrusted Connection” error whenever Firefox encounters a SHA-1 based certificate that has ValidFrom after Jan 1, 2016. This includes the web server certificate as well as any intermediate certificates that it chains up to. Root certificates are trusted by virtue of their inclusion in Firefox, so it does not matter how they are signed. However, it does matter what hash algorithm is used in the intermediate signatures, so the rules about phasing out SHA-1 certificates applies to both the web server certificate and the intermediate certificates that sign it.

We are re-evaluating when we should start rejecting all SHA-1 SSL certificates (regardless of when they were issued). As we said before, the current plan is to make this change on January 1, 2017. However, in light of recent attacks on SHA-1, we are also considering the feasibility of having a cut-off date as early as July 1, 2016.

Via Oliver Hunt.


20 October 2015

Screaming Goat Piano

The only web browser based piano app you need.


24 September 2015