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Everything for 2009

Circles: Failed results examples

Forum thread on the Burning Wheel site about complications caused by failing a Circles roll.


08 December 2009

Playing on a wave

Will Hindmarch has some ideas about playing RPGs on the internet using Google Wave. Via Robin D. Laws


28 October 2009


A functional programming toolkit to complement jQuery. via Matt


28 October 2009

Truthful boardgames

Mightygodking photoshops a bunch of boardgames


26 October 2009

FATE in a nutshell

A quick reference for the FATE RPG system


17 October 2009

Functional programming fundamentals

Dr. Erik Meijer from Microsofts C# team starts a lecturer series on Functional Programming with Haskell.


01 October 2009

reAnimator: regular expression FSA visualizer

Oliver Steele's wonderful Regular Expression diagramming and animation flash tool. Shows both an NFA and a DFA for your regexp and shows how it consumes input


14 July 2009

A tale of two programmers

A nice parable related to the Alan Kay invention link yesterday. Finding the correct representation of a problem is key to solving it easily.


30 June 2009

Predicting the future

"Point of view is worth 80 IQ points." Alan Kay on invention


30 June 2009

The web vs. the fallacies

Tim Bray looks at The Fallacies of Distributed Systems in terms of the web.


25 June 2009

Intent in conflict resolution

"...Setting a suitable intent means aiming for IMO a rather narrow window. Set the intent too low, and there's no tension. Also, it's very difficult to come up with a compromise because the stakes are already so low. Set it too high, and you run the risk of tripping the players' risk aversion..."


07 June 2009

RPG rules and premise

Luke Crane (creator of Burning Wheel, Burning Empires and Mouse Guard RPGs) talks about the disconnect between game premise and rules in may RPGs and why he tries to marry the two together


28 May 2009

Monads, IO and TypeClasses

Conal Elliott's comment on Reddit about the common confusion between IO and Monads in Haskell.


21 May 2009


A light weight network queue implementation written in python.


11 May 2009


Some problems I have with a lot of fantasy fiction.

10 May 2009

The Haunting: Terms

In my recap of The Haunting I mentioned some terms that were new to people outside small press gaming circles at the time. This post explains some of them.

07 April 2009

The Haunting

Notes on having running the classic Call of Cthulhu scenarion The Haunting.

06 April 2009

State monad

This page contains lots of small examples of using Haskell's State Monad.


28 March 2009


A documentary about fuzz pedals and their makers.


23 March 2009

Nonreferential this

Technical writing; removing a 'nonreferential this' to improve clarity


13 March 2009


A blog about prop making for 1920s / Cthulhu games. Some really amazing stuff here.


11 March 2009

Prolog koan

Funny and insightful koan about the Prolog language.


08 March 2009

Cursor chaos

An addictive little flashgame, lots of time based little minigames.


28 February 2009

Nathan on ‘No comments?’

Nathan makes some good observations about the social effects of not having blog comments.


27 February 2009

Watchmen movie reviews

The movie adaption of Alan Moore's classic comic book Watchmen is finally out.


26 February 2009

Braid coming to the mac

HotHead Games is working with the creator of Braid to port it to the mac.


25 February 2009

Playing with arrows

David R. Maclver's mechanical introduction to Haskell's Control.Arrow package. It looks at the functions rather than the abstraction.


24 February 2009


Matt responds to my better blog post, and considers his audience and the purpose of his blog.


24 February 2009

A better blog

My thinking on how I could put together a blog that I would actually enjoy maintaining.

23 February 2009

Typeclassopedia [PDF]

A introduction to the various core typeclass provided by haskell that come from esoteric fields such as category theory.


17 February 2009

Bugs everywhere

Distributed bug tracking software; supports multiple interfaces and backends (via Ian Bicking)


13 February 2009

A story games primer

A series of articles introducing various story game style techniques and ideas into RPG sessions, be it tradition or story games.


10 February 2009

Lemur Scheme

Clinton R. Nixon's course page for a scheme interpreter; includes lots of interesting links on scheme and compiler implementation


04 February 2009

Java speech API

Standard Java API to interact with Text To Speech APIs


28 January 2009

Growing coriander

Some tips on how to grow the most temperamental but handy of herbs.


28 January 2009